[Believes]: Solid Rock Kingdom Church


I Believe In:-

¤ The Oneness Of God. One Lord, One Body, One Spirit, One Faith, One Baptism, One Name.

¤ The Authority Of The Words Of God.

¤ Repentance And Remission Of Sins.

¤ Water Baptism By Immersion In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. ¤ The Great Commission, The New Testamen Church_ World Evangelism.

¤ Holy Ghost Power And Five-fold Apostolic Ministerial Gifts.

¤ Manifestation Of The Lord And Translation Of The Church. Redemption of god's creation.

¤ Final Judgement, Restoration And Restitution Of All Things In Christ Jesus.

¤ Eternal Reign Of Christ With His Saints.

Apostle John Okoriko (Jp) Snr. Pastor [SRKC]

8 Oct 2017

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