Details: Solid Rock Kingdom Church



Founded: – 1974 At: – Ibekwe, Mkpat Enin Local Govt. Area The Founder / President – Apostle (Dr.) John Okoriko.

National Headquarters – Capitol Temple, Ibekwe, Mkpat Enin Local Govt. Area, Aks - Nigeria.

Corporate Office: – Headstone Tab, #4, Solid Rock Street, -Ikot Abasi Itam, Itu Local Govt. Area., Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.

The Founder / President is the most Senior Pastor in the organization. He presides over all the meetings of the Ministers Council. The church has One Hundred and Fifty branches spread over Nigeria and outside Nigeria. She also maintains about Two Hundred Staff strength comprising the Ministerial and Non-Ministerial Staff.

7 Oct 2017

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